List of system-specific files
(based on the SH7727 port and Open Source Kernel Release)
TE_NAME = type of T-Engine + processor, e.g. std_sh7727
CPU = name of the CPU, e.g. sh7727
Directory Filename Type
config\build\TE_NAME Makefile Other
  ROMInfo.LNK Other
config\src\sysdepend\TE_NAME DEVCONF Other
  rominfo.c C File
  rominfo_conf.h Header
etc\sysdepend\TE_NAME makerules.sysdepend Other
include\sys\sysdepend\ machine_common.h Header
  rominfo_common.h Header
  segment_common.h Header
  str_align_common.h Header
  sysexc_common.h Header
  sysinfo_common.h Header
include\sys\sysdepend\TE_NAME machine_depend.h Header
  rominfo_depend.h Header
  segment_depend.h Header
  str_align_depend.h Header
  sysexc_depend.h Header
  sysinfo_depend.h Header
include\tk\sysdepend asm_common.h Header
  dbgspt_common.h Header
  syscall_common.h Header
  sysdef_common.h Header
  syslib_common.h Header
include\tk\sysdepend\TE_NAME asm_depend.h Header
  cpuattr.h Header
  cpudef.h Header
  dbgspt_depend.h Header
  sysdef_depend.h Header
  syslib_depend.h Header
kernel\sysdepend\device\TE_NAME cache_info.h Header
  cntwus.c C File
  devinit.c C File
  icrt0.S ASM
  patch.c C File
  patch.h Header
  power.c C File
  tkdev_conf.h Header
  tkdev_init.c C File
  tkdev_timer.h Header
kernel\sysdepend\cpu\CPU cache.c C File
  chkplv.c C File
  cpu_calls.c C File
  cpu_conf.h Header
  cpu_init.c C File
  cpu_insn.h Header
  cpu_status.h Header
  cpu_support.S ASM
  cpu_task.h Header
  offset.h Header
kernel\sysinit\build\TE_NAME makefile Other
kernel\sysmain\build\TE_NAME makefile Other
  kernel-ram.lnk Other
  kernel-rom.lnk Other
kernel\sysmgr\build\TE_NAME makefile Other
kernel\tkernel\build\TE_NAME makefile Other
lib\build\TE_NAME makefile Other
lib\crt\crt0\build\TE_NAME makefile Other
lib\crt\crt0\src\sysdepend\TE_NAME crt0.S ASM
  crt1f.S ASM
  crt1s.S ASM
  crti.S ASM
  crtir.S ASM
  crtn.S ASM
lib\crt\crttk\build\TE_NAME makefile Other
lib\crt\crttk\src\sysdepend\TE_NAME asmstartup.S ASM
lib\libstr\build\TE_NAME makefile Other
lib\libsvc\build\TE_NAME Makefile Other Other Other Other
lib\libsvc\src\sysdepend\CPU changespace.S ASM
  chkspace.S ASM
  chkspacebstr.S ASM
  chkspacelen.S ASM
  chkspacetstr.S ASM
  cnvphysicaladdr.S ASM
  console_conf.S ASM
  console_ctl.S ASM
  console_get.S ASM
  console_in.S ASM
  console_out.S ASM
  console_put.S ASM
  lockspace.S ASM
  makespace.S ASM
  mapmemory.S ASM
  readmemspace.S ASM
  setmemspaceb.S ASM
  td_acp_que.S ASM
  td_cal_que.S ASM
  td_flg_que.S ASM
  td_get_otm.S ASM
  td_get_reg.S ASM
  td_get_tim.S ASM
  td_hok_dsp.S ASM
  td_hok_int.S ASM
  td_hok_svc.S ASM
  td_inf_tsk.S ASM
  td_lst_alm.S ASM
  td_lst_cyc.S ASM
  td_lst_flg.S ASM
  td_lst_mbf.S ASM
  td_lst_mbx.S ASM
  td_lst_mpf.S ASM
  td_lst_mpl.S ASM
  td_lst_mtx.S ASM
  td_lst_por.S ASM
  td_lst_sem.S ASM
  td_lst_ssy.S ASM
  td_lst_tsk.S ASM
  td_mbx_que.S ASM
  td_mpf_que.S ASM
  td_mpl_que.S ASM
  td_mtx_que.S ASM
  td_rdy_que.S ASM
  td_ref_alm.S ASM
  td_ref_cyc.S ASM
  td_ref_dsname.S ASM
  td_ref_flg.S ASM
  td_ref_mbf.S ASM
  td_ref_mbx.S ASM
  td_ref_mpf.S ASM
  td_ref_mpl.S ASM
  td_ref_mtx.S ASM
  td_ref_por.S ASM
  td_ref_sem.S ASM
  td_ref_ssy.S ASM
  td_ref_sys.S ASM
  td_ref_tex.S ASM
  td_ref_tsk.S ASM
  td_rmbf_que.S ASM
  td_sem_que.S ASM
  td_set_dsname.S ASM
  td_set_reg.S ASM
  td_smbf_que.S ASM
  tk_acp_por.S ASM
  tk_cal_por.S ASM
  tk_can_wup.S ASM
  tk_chg_pri.S ASM
  tk_chg_slt.S ASM
  tk_cln_ssy.S ASM
  tk_clr_flg.S ASM
  tk_cls_dev.S ASM
  tk_cre_alm.S ASM
  tk_cre_cyc.S ASM
  tk_cre_flg.S ASM
  tk_cre_mbf.S ASM
  tk_cre_mbx.S ASM
  tk_cre_mpf.S ASM
  tk_cre_mpl.S ASM
  tk_cre_mtx.S ASM
  tk_cre_por.S ASM
  tk_cre_res.S ASM
  tk_cre_sem.S ASM
  tk_cre_tsk.S ASM
  tk_def_dev.S ASM
  tk_def_int.S ASM
  tk_def_ssy.S ASM
  tk_def_tex.S ASM
  tk_del_alm.S ASM
  tk_del_cyc.S ASM
  tk_del_flg.S ASM
  tk_del_mbf.S ASM
  tk_del_mbx.S ASM
  tk_del_mpf.S ASM
  tk_del_mpl.S ASM
  tk_del_mtx.S ASM
  tk_del_por.S ASM
  tk_del_res.S ASM
  tk_del_sem.S ASM
  tk_del_tsk.S ASM
  tk_dis_dsp.S ASM
  tk_dis_tex.S ASM
  tk_dis_wai.S ASM
  tk_dly_tsk.S ASM
  tk_ena_dsp.S ASM
  tk_ena_tex.S ASM
  tk_ena_wai.S ASM
  tk_end_tex.S ASM
  tk_evt_dev.S ASM
  tk_evt_ssy.S ASM
  tk_exd_tsk.S ASM
  tk_ext_tsk.S ASM
  tk_frsm_tsk.S ASM
  tk_fwd_por.S ASM
  tk_get_cfn.S ASM
  tk_get_cfs.S ASM
  tk_get_cpr.S ASM
  tk_get_dev.S ASM
  tk_get_mpf.S ASM
  tk_get_mpl.S ASM
  tk_get_otm.S ASM
  tk_get_reg.S ASM
  tk_get_res.S ASM
  tk_get_rid.S ASM
  tk_get_smb.S ASM
  tk_get_tid.S ASM
  tk_get_tim.S ASM
  tk_get_tsp.S ASM
  tk_inf_tsk.S ASM
  tk_loc_mtx.S ASM
  tk_lst_dev.S ASM
  tk_opn_dev.S ASM
  tk_oref_dev.S ASM
  tk_ras_tex.S ASM
  tk_rcv_mbf.S ASM
  tk_rcv_mbx.S ASM
  tk_rea_dev.S ASM
  tk_ref_alm.S ASM
  tk_ref_cyc.S ASM
  tk_ref_dev.S ASM
  tk_ref_flg.S ASM
  tk_ref_idv.S ASM
  tk_ref_mbf.S ASM
  tk_ref_mbx.S ASM
  tk_ref_mpf.S ASM
  tk_ref_mpl.S ASM
  tk_ref_mtx.S ASM
  tk_ref_por.S ASM
  tk_ref_sem.S ASM
  tk_ref_smb.S ASM
  tk_ref_ssy.S ASM
  tk_ref_sys.S ASM
  tk_ref_tex.S ASM
  tk_ref_tsk.S ASM
  tk_ref_ver.S ASM
  tk_rel_mpf.S ASM
  tk_rel_mpl.S ASM
  tk_rel_smb.S ASM
  tk_rel_wai.S ASM
  tk_ret_int.S ASM
  tk_rot_rdq.S ASM
  tk_rpl_rdv.S ASM
  tk_rsm_tsk.S ASM
  tk_set_cpr.S ASM
  tk_set_flg.S ASM
  tk_set_pow.S ASM
  tk_set_reg.S ASM
  tk_set_rid.S ASM
  tk_set_tim.S ASM
  tk_set_tsp.S ASM
  tk_sig_sem.S ASM
  tk_sig_tev.S ASM
  tk_slp_tsk.S ASM
  tk_snd_mbf.S ASM
  tk_snd_mbx.S ASM
  tk_srea_dev.S ASM
  tk_sta_alm.S ASM
  tk_sta_cyc.S ASM
  tk_sta_ssy.S ASM
  tk_sta_tsk.S ASM
  tk_stp_alm.S ASM
  tk_stp_cyc.S ASM
  tk_sus_dev.S ASM
  tk_sus_tsk.S ASM
  tk_swri_dev.S ASM
  tk_ter_tsk.S ASM
  tk_unl_mtx.S ASM
  tk_wai_dev.S ASM
  tk_wai_flg.S ASM
  tk_wai_sem.S ASM
  tk_wai_tev.S ASM
  tk_wri_dev.S ASM
  tk_wup_tsk.S ASM
  unlockspace.S ASM
  unmakespace.S ASM
  unmapmemory.S ASM
  writememspace.S ASM
  _getkernelcommonarea.S ASM
  _syslog_send.S ASM
lib\libtk\build\TE_NAME makefile Other
lib\libtk\src\sysdepend\TE_NAME disint.S ASM
  getsvcenv.h Header
  int.c C File
  prreg.c C File
  setspc.c C File
  waitnsec.c C File
  waitusec.c C File
lib\libtm\build\TE_NAME makefile Other
lib\libtm\src\sysdepend\TE_NAME tmsvc.h Header
* There are 11 ASM files in lib\libtm\src - they are assembly files but seem to be target independent
* For include files, there is usually a 'common' file in a higher level directory that selects 
  which file is to be included - need to add any new CPU/TE into this part also
List produced by: Mohit Sindhwani.
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