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The T-Engine Forum has released version 1.02.02 of the open-source T-Kernel. The change log is available in Japanese and in English. But, if you take a look at it, you’ll note that there are very few changes.

According to the table on the downloads page, the Version 1.02.02 source includes code for SH7727, SH7751r, SH7760, ARM920-MX1, ARM720-S1C, VR5500, VR4131 and M32104. Further, there is a set of different downloads of the T-Kernel for the Micro T-Engine/ SH7145 and M32192 that you can download from the site – this requires a separate registration. The English download site has implementation notes only for the SH7727 and SH7751R processors. Other implementation notes are available from the Japanese download page (if you registered from the Japanese page).