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The T-Engine Forum has released the source code for the open source version of the T-Kernel/Standard Extension. They have also released some drivers and sample applications for the Standard Extension. It is currently available only from the Japanese website, perhaps due to English documentation being prepared.

The current release supports the following processors – SH7727, SH7751r, ARM920, ARM720, VR5500 and VR4131. Using the release requires you to use the T-Kernel V1.02.02. As with the T-Kernel registration procedure , you will need to register to be able to download the packages. Note that separate registration is required for the TK, TK/SE, drivers and the sample applications. Also, the registration seems to be processed manually, so it may take some time before you receive the user ID and password to access the resources.

The TK/SE release includes the main TK/SE code, the FAT extension file system and the CDROM extension file system. A document that explains how to build and use the TK/SE is also available, although it’s in Japanese.