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T-News: T-Engine Forum Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Policy

The T-Engine Forum has released the first version of the Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Policy. The document, now available in English, outlines how Intellectual Property is treated by the Forum. The Forum makes an effort to establish standards based on royalty-free IP. However, some standards may infringe on the Intellectual Property owned by certain members. This document specifies how such cases are dealt with by the T-Engine Forum. It covers issues such as the disclosure of the IP and licensing models, etc.

It is my unqualified opinion1 that the document will be more relevant to people who think they have Intellectual Property that may be infringed by the standards proposed by the Forum. End-developers and enthusiasts are unlikely to be affected by this document (again, this is my unqualified opinion).

The document is available in PDF format from the sidebar menu on the home page of the T-Engine Forum. The IPR Policy takes effect from April 1st, 2005.

1 Disclaimer: It should be noted that I am not a lawyer, and the IPR Policy document is, essentially, a legal document. So, please treat my statements above ONLY as opinion. I am not liable if you are affected by the Policy, and choose to ignore it.

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