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T-News: T-Engine at Open Source India Week 2008

Open Source India Week 2008 (used to be called LinuxAsia) is in India from 11th Feb 2008 to 15th Feb 2008 across 3 cities – Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai.

At the Bangalore events, Dr Chiaki Ishikawa of the T-Engine Forum will be participating in talks about the T-Engine and in related panel sessions. I understand that he will be involved in 3 main events:

  • Feb 11th 2008 – “T-Engine: An Open Development Platform for Embedded Systems: Development Manager’s Perspective” – This talk will cover an introduction to the T-Engine, followed by some detailed topics such as resource usage, program size, TCP/IP and file system support and even support for multicore processors in the T-Engine architecture. Date/ Time: Feb 11 @ 12:40 ~ 13:30
  • Feb 12th 2008 – On the morning of Feb 12th, Dr Ishikawa will participate in a panel session under the ‘Mobile track’ where the focus of the discussion will be on platforms for mobile development.
  • Feb 12th 2008 – Dr Ishikawa will participate in a panel discussion at the CTO Summit held at the event. The focus is on how open source can be a key enabler. Date/ Time: Feb 12 @ 16:30 ~ 17:30

I’ll try to see if I can get my hands on some of the slides or photographs from the event. In any case, if you happen to be there and can send me some pictures, that would be great! Just email me at mohits{at}