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T-News: PMC Announces T-Engine4U website

PMC has announced a new website for all their T-Engine solutions. It is online as and it is available in English as well as Japanese. The Japanese site has more information, at this point. The English site simply has the original information from the T-Engine pages at PMC’s earlier website.

All the same, it’s a good sign that PMC has created a “one-stop” website for the T-Engine. Hopefully, more information will be translated from the Japanese pages.

At this stage, the English site is simply divided into two sections – one for the T-Engine Development Kits and the other for Teacube Evaluation Kits. The Japanese site is organized into 4 sections – Information, Products, Solutions and Support. The products list the development kits, appliances and middleware available from the PMC for the T-Engine. It’s a good site to see the solutions from PMC. (Tip for Non-Japanese readers: On the site, hover your mouse over the links and see the name of the link in the status bar below. Even though the link text is in Japanese, the actual URL has words like “products/devkit.html”, “products/appliance.html” and so on which will give you an idea of what information is on which page.)