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T-News: New T-Engine Board to be Available Soon

I just received the latest news mailer from Personal Media Corporation and it’s good to note that another T-Engine board will be available soon. It is tentatively called the “Teaboard”. However, note that this is a T-Engine Appliance (since it does not meet all the specifications of the standard T-Engine, but is based on the T-Engine) that runs an ARM-9 processor. The press release is in Japanese and can be viewed on the PMC website. I have translated the essential parts of the specifications.

The board was exhibited at the ESEC-2005 in Tokyo (29th June, 2005). The cost of the board is 47,250 Yen (45,000 Yen without tax). The availability is August 2005.

The board includes LAN, general purpose I/O, 7-segment LEDs, buttons, switches, etc. It can be used to evaluate the T-Kernel and also for training or learning purposes.

Main Features:

  • Small Size – same compact size as the T-Engine
  • Equipped with LAN, I/O such as 7-segment LED, LEDs, buttons, etc. Software includes drivers, TCP/IP stack, etc.
  • Can be powered from the USB port of a host PC
  • Includes training material and sample programs for self study
  • Advanced GUI is possible, using optional expansion boards.

Table 1 – Details of the CPU Board

  • CPU – Freescale MC9328MX1 (i.MX1, ARM920T, 200MHz)
  • ROM – 2 MB
  • RAM – 16MB
  • SD Card – 1 Slot
  • RS-232 – 2x D-Sub9 Channels
  • LAN – 10/100 Base-T
  • General Purpose Switches – 2 bit push buttons, 4 bit toggle switches, 4 bit DIP switches.
  • LEDs – 2x Seven-Segment LEDs, 8-bit LED
  • Buzzer – Piezo-electric Buzzer
  • Temperature Sensor – -25C ~ +85C
  • Input/ Output – D/A, AD Converters, Digital I/O
  • Expansion Bus Connector – Local Bus
  • Dimensions – 120mm x 75mm (excluding protrusions)

Table 2 – Details of the Software

Target Software

  • T-Monitor – PMC T-Monitor
  • T-Kernel – PMC T-Kernel
  • T-Kernel Extension – PMC T-Kernel Extension
  • Device Drivers – SD Card, RS232C, LAN, etc.
  • Middleware – TCP/IP Stack
  • CLI – Command Line Interpreter (file operations, batch processing, etc.)
  • SD Card Tools for partitioning and formatting SD Cards, etc.

Host-side Development Software (Windows)

  • Compiler – GNU C/C++ with support for T-Kernel
  • Debugger – GDB (source-level debugger) o Libraries – ANSI C, Libraries for T-Kernel

Enclosed Documents

  • Manuals – T-Kernel Specifications, Library Manual, Development Environment manual
  • Teaching Material – Sample programs and text.

Table 3 – Options

  • Interface Expansion Board – LCD Interface, Touch Panel Interface, Mic input, Speaker output and USB host.
  • LCD Board – Requires Expansion Board above. LCD Board costs 47,250 Yen (incl tax)
  • PMC T-Shell Software – GUI Middleware that runs on the PMC T-Kernel Extension.


There are some pictures on the PMC site here and here


For more details or to order the board, please contact the sales team at Personal Media Corporation.

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