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T-News: Navigation-focused CPU with T-Kernel Support

EETimes has reported that NEC has released a new CPU that is specifically targeted at applications in car navigation. Called the NaviEngine1, it is a powerful processor with four ARM-11 cores and supports symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) .

In addition to the multiple processor cores, it also includes the PowerVR graphics core, support for serial ATA and also an integrated graphics controller. This should provide a lot of computing power for 2D and 3D graphics.

On the software side, it is supported by the eT-Kernel Multi-Core Edition by eSOL.

A block diagram (in Japanese) of the NaviEngine1 and a bock diagram of its usage are shown below:

NaviEngine1 Block Diagram (Original pictures are from:

NaviEngine1 System Block Diagram (Original pictures are from: