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The T-Engine Forum has made more specifications available to the public. As before, the specifications are available in both English and Japanese and can be downloaded from the T-Engine Forum’s website. The direct link to the page that has the specifications is: for English users.

The two new documents cover the standard for the hardware of the T-Engine and the µT-Engine. From the website, the following is the list of new specifications that are now available to the public:

  • T-Engine Specification TEF010-S001-01.01.00/en
  • µT-Engine Specification TEF010-S002-01.01.00/en

The specifications cover all aspects of the hardware of the two boards. Both documents begin with an introduction to the hardware standard and then go on to explain the basic configuration of the CPU boards. This is followed by the implementation specifications of the boards – this defines the precise sizes of the boards and the positioning of the connectors, etc. Each of the interfaces is then defined and there is also a chapter about the power controller on the boards. Specifications relating to the expansion board design and even the sections required in the documentation of the T-Engine are presented.

If you are planning to build any hardware for the T-Engine Project, you will need to definitely adhere to these specifications.