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This is really good news, which is why I’m sticking it under the articles section of TE@Onghu instead of putting it under News. The T-Engine Forum has added some excellent introductory material to their website. Listed under the “References & Materials ” page of the T-Engine Forum website, it’s humbly called “Introductory Texts Distribution”.

Click on the link and you’re greeted by the conditions of access. Click “Agree” and you’re taken to a page that lists the material that is available. At this time, there are two articles – one about T-Java and the other about the T-Engine. Both are a collection of slides that have been released to explain the main concepts.

T-Java: The first presentation is 110 pages long and introduces Embedded Java and goes on to talk about T-Java and its reference implementations. It talks about the Aplix and Sun Microsystems versions and also discusses the TRON Code Profile.

T-Kernel: The second presentation is an introduction to T-Engine for Middleware Developers. It is a 172 page PDF that has a lot of useful information. It starts by introducing the T-Kernel, T-Kernel Software Structure, and introduces basic concepts and operation of the T-Kernel. This is followed by slides about software development using the T-Engine Development Kit and the T-Kernel. The presentation goes on to talk about T-Format, device drivers, T-Dist and methods of software migration from ITRON to T-Kernel. There is also a list of sites with more information (though TE@Onghu is not listed there).

I think that a lot of information has been made available and that this is a very good development. I expect that more information will be made available in the future. Along with TE@Onghu and TRONWeb, this will be a useful reference in months to come.