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T-News: FAT File System for T-Engine

TRONWeb has a nice new article about accessing a FAT file system from T-Engine. It has been translated from an article in the TRONWARE magazine. If you need to access FAT file systems, this is a good article to read.

The article says that registered users of the T-Engine development kit can download the necessary files from the support section of PMC’s web-site. It says that the code has been tested on SH7751R, VR5500, VR4131, and ARM920-MX1 and is available for download for these kits. However, the article was originally published in December 2004 – so, support for other T-Engine kits may have been added by now. If you find that it is available for your platform, please let me know and I shall add it to the list above.


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