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T-News: T-Engine Forum’s BBS

It seems that there is now a Japanese language BBS for the open source T-Kernel. It’s hosted on the T-Engine Forum’s web site. According to the readme on the site and information I read elsewhere, it will soon also be available in English and other languages. It seems to be undergoing an internal test run before it is opened completely to the public.

Based on the information outlined on the main page, the current conditions of use appear to be as follows:

  • The BBS is for members of the T-Engine Forum.
  • To be able to post, existing members need to apply for a user name and password from the members-only pages of the T-Engine Forum web site.
  • Non-members can browse the BBS.
  • The BBS is primarily for technical queries related to the open source T-Kernel.

All the same, it seems to be a step in the right direction. It should give users a chance to help each other. Also, there seem to be plans to translate the information shared in the BBS and possibly make it available as a FAQ. So, that’s good news for everyone.


Note: Since the publication of this article, the BBS has been moved and the new URL is available to members of the T-Engine Forum only. If you have queries, please ask in the TE@Onghu BBS