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Special Announcement: T-Engine/ T-Kernel Developer Forum/ BBS

TE@Onghu is proud to publicly announce the TE@Onghu Developer Forum/ BBS (TEBBS). The Developer Forum/ BBS is open to everyone and is a great place to ask questions about Embedded Systems, T-Engine/ T-Kernel Programming, Porting Issues, T-Engine Hardware or just about any related topic. New threads will be added in as necessary. You can use it to tap into the knowledge of experts across the world, or register and help newbies who are just getting started.

TEBBS has been in usability testing since February 2007 and currently has 16 members. There are almost 100 posts in more than 20 topics – already, some interesting topics have been discussed.

TEBBS is online at

Anyone can browse through the TEBBS topics online. However, you will need to sign up to post new questions and to get access to other special features such as receiving notifications when queries of interest receive new posts. Also, there is an internal messaging system that you can use to contact other TEBBS members.

Register now to get started: