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SH/M32R T-Engine Website Releases Micro T-Kernel for M16C

The SH/M32R T-Engine Website has quite a lot of good stuff that is available for free download from their site. This includes device drivers, middleware, T-Monitor, tools, etc. for the SH and M32R families.

Now, they have gone one step ahead and also released the source code for an open implementation of the Micro T-Kernel for the M16C processor. It is released under the μT-License and you are required (expected?) to subscribe to the μT-License before you download it. Other than that, all conditions of the μT-License apply to the download.

From their site, it also seems that a version for the M32C is on its way (though it hasn’t been released yet). Also, some “useful documentation” is being prepared.

It’s good to notice that there is some activity relating to the μT-Kernel going on. In general, the μT-License makes it easy to freely distribute your own implementations (as against the ‘single source’ policy for the T-Kernel) of the μT-Kernel.

The link to the download is: