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Ubiquitous ID Technologies 2008

The T-Engine Forum has just released more information that introduces the T-Engine in detail. It’s called “Ubiquitous ID Technologies 2008 by Ken Sakamura” and is available as a PDF from the Ubiquitous ID Center website at

The document itself has 52 pages (all included) and has all the information that you need to understand what the Ubiquitous ID infrastructure provides. It goes into details about the technology aspects, such as the Ubqiutous ID infrastructure, authorized tags, security technology, sensor network technology and the ubiquitous communicator.

Afte this introduction, a significant portion of the document is devoted to applications of the Ubiquitous ID Technology. It covers experiments such as Ubiquitous Tracing, Food Traceability, Equipment management… and so on. This section is complemented by a comprehensive look at the Ubiquitous location information systems being deployed in Japan.

Finally, the document wraps up with an introduction to the T-Engine Forum and the TRONSHOW.

The document seems to be derived mostly from the panels that were released earlier and provides good high-level information about the Ubiquitous ID architecture. It can be got from