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TRONSHOW 2010 – T-Engine Showcase

I was going to write a bit more about the T-Engine showcase, the set of posters and demos that you could see as you came in to the TRONSHOW. However, I just noticed that zephyrus-tk has just posted his impressions of TRONSHOW on the new T-Engine Developer Network BBS – one of the links that he has provided is to the T-Engine Showcase on the TRONSHOW website

The page has proper pictures and explanations of the technologies that were on display in the T-Engine Showcase. These technologies include: Jsmn, .Net micro framework from Microsoft, WideStudio, NoTA, Eclipse, Webkit, OpenGL, TCP/IP and POSIX.

The only thing that I would add is a video that shows an interesting demo of MP T-Kernel running on a quad-core CPU from NEC. The four cores are shared between two kernels: one kernel uses 3 CPU cores and does video decoding (frames on right); the other kernel uses only 1 CPU core and runs a profiling application (left). The full system runs under the MP T-Kernel with the 3 CPU cores running under MP T-Kernel in SMP mode, while the two kernels run in an AMP fashion. The demo shows how the performance degrades as the CPU cores are switched off one at a time.