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TRONSHOW 2010 – Centre for High Performance Embedded Systems, NTU Singapore

The Centre for High Performance Embedded Systems (CHiPES) is a research centre at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. Student and staff researchers at CHiPES have been using the T-Engine and T-Kernel as part of their work. The T-Kernel was first ported outside Japan by a researcher at CHiPES – the port was to the Infineon TriCore family. CHiPES has finished the development of a T-Kernel port to another CPU in the TriCore family.

At TRONSHOW 2010, Mr Fauzi Abbas of CHiPES demonstrated research into the development of a power management subsystem for the T-Kernel. He also showed a video about a recent development of a system that can do real-time image capture, image processing and motor control, using the Infineon TriCore CPU under the control of the T-Kernel RTOS.