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Recommended Reading about the T-Engine

Compiled by: Mohit Sindhwani

When it comes to the T-Engine, admittedly, there is only limited material available in English. This is specially the case if you are searching for material on the Internet. This page is a collection of specific resources that may be useful if you are trying to come to grips with T-Engine and related technologies.

Introduction to the T-Engine and the Standards

  • What is the T-Engine?
  • Introduction to the T-Engine over at the Renesas Technology EU site – I found this link by chance, but I think that it does an excellent job of introducing the standards with sufficient detail. The actual link is very long but you can connect to it by clicking here. If that link does not work, go to the Renesas Technologies EU site ( and click on Products and from the products page, select “Software and Tools” and from there, pick “T-Engine” listed under “System Solutions and Reference Platforms”.
  • T-Engine Brochures at Personal Media Corporation’s English web-site: PMC has a number of pages about the T-Engine. Go to and have a look at the “Product Lineup” near the bottom of the page. They have two introductory documents (T-Engine Development Kit and T-Engine Solution) and a very nice FAQ! They also have details about a number of T-Engine kits.
  • Article in IEEE Pervasive Computing: Jan Krikke’s article in IEEE Pervasive Computing is called “T-Engine: Japan’s Ubiquitous Computing Architecture Is Ready for Prime Time” and provides an excellent introduction to the T-Engine. A PDF copy of the article is online at

The T-Kernel Specification

A number of specifications relating to the T-Engine hardware, T-Kernel, T-Monitor, etc. have been released publicly and can be downloaded from the “Specifications” section of the T-Engine Forum website.

T-Engine Sample Source Code

TEADEC, Singapore, has created sample code that demonstrates how to use some of the featires of the T-Kernel (e.g. task creation, semaphores, mailboxes, etc.) This is available from their web-site at and there are other samples available from the SH/M32R website.


One of the more contentious issues – there seems to be quite a bit of confusion, fear, uncertainty and doubt about what the T-License is and what it means for the developer. Some of it stems from the fact that the T-License is NOT the GPL. So, here are two links that may help you.

If there are any other links that you would like me to add, please email me.