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T-News: Updated Specifications & Source Code

The T-Engine Forum has updated their release of the source codes for the T-Kernel and the μT-Kernel and has also released a new version of the specification for the μT-Kernel.

As always, the specifications can be downloaded from the Specifications Page and the source code is available from the Downloads page on the T-Engine Forum’s website

With this release, the T-Kernel Source Code has been updated to Ver.1.02.04 and the µT-Kernel Source Code and specification has been updated to Ver.1.01.00.

CPU Support

According to the downloads page, the open source T-Kernel works with the following CPUs: SH7727, SH7751r, SH7760, ARM926, ARM920, ARM720, VR5500, VR4131 and M32104. Further, it is compatible with the following CPUs by applying the patches that can be downloaded from their page: SH7145, M32192 , SH7780, MB91403, SH7720, SH7211 and SH7619. The version of the µT-Kernel available from their page works with the AT91 and H8S/2212.