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T-Kernel Porting: Files to Port

If you have decided to port the T-Kernel to a new processor and have already obtained the source code for the open-source T-Kernel, you are almost set to go. Remember to look at the other things I highlighted in planning your port.

After decompressing the files, you must have realized that there are lots of files involved in the port. I went through the directories one by one making a complete list of the files that you need to port. The complete list is in a separate page since it is a long list [Click here to view the list]. For every file, I have provided the directory it is in, the name of the file and also the type of file (C, Header, ASM, Other). A brief summary of the files involved is as follows:

C Source Files 15
Header Files 35
Assembly Files 209
Makefiles 13
Others 8

So, basically about 280 files need to ported. It may seem like a lot of files, but if you’re using GCC, a lot of the makefiles will not need to be changed. Also, a number of assembly files are actually automatically generated for you using a script. So, the number of assembly files that you need to change is much less.

However, it should be noted that this list does not include the files needed for the T-Monitor. The T-Engine Forum does not provide reference source code for the T-Monitor since it is supposed to be highly CPU-dependent. You have to provide your own T-Monitor software that will boot the system and handle interrupts, etc. I shall discuss that in a separate article, but just remember that there will be more files that you will need to write.

As part of my process, I put this list of files into a spreadsheet to track the progress of my porting. If you would like a copy of that spreadsheet, just drop me an email at