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T-Kernel Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Seamless Middleware Development

Contributed by: Renesas System Solutions Singapore (RSS)

Written by: Zou Min, Jai Gay and Kwek Chu Lih

The basic compiler toolchain that is provided with the T-Engine development kit is the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC). The open-source T-Kernel is also built with GCC and the makefiles are quite compatible with it. However, as the T-Kernel is adapted into more projects, there will be a need for the kernel to co-exist with other compilers and toolchains. This article, submitted to TE@Onghu by Renesas System Solutions Singapore (RSS), discusses an approach that allows developers to use the T-Kernel in their projects even if they are using proprietary toolchains.

Abstract of the Article

Recently, there has been growing interests and demands in adopting a new real-time operating system, T-Kernel for embedded system solutions. In order to help customers/developers to adopt T-Kernel easily, this article presents a solution by integrating the T-Kernel interface libraries into the Renesas HEW (High-performance Embedded Workshop). Several practical examples are illustrated to show that the proposed solutions can accelerate T-Kernel based middleware and application software development.

This article is available only in PDF format. [Download the article]