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T-Engine 2008

The T-Engine Forum has just released more information that introduces the T-Engine in detail. It’s called “T-Engine 2008 by Ken Sakamura” and is available as a PDF from the T-Engine Forum’s website at

The document itself has 24 pages (all included) and has all the information that you need to understand what the T-Engine is. On the hardware side, it talks about the hardware development platform, the four standards (standard, micro, nano and pico) and the peripheral boards.

On the software side, it introduces the T-Kernel, T-Kernel/SE, MP T-Kernel, μT-Kernel and the relationship between them. It goes on to talk about the use of Eclipse for T-Engine software development.

The document also touches on the two main licenses that govern the releases by the T-Engine Forum – the T-License and the μT-License. Finally, there are some pictures from TRONSHOW 2007.

The document seems to be derived mostly from the panels that were released earlier and provides good high-level information about the T-Engine platform. The document can be downloaded from the last link on the Forum Guide page at