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Short Note: Source files for T-Engine Device Driver Interface Library

The T-Engine Forum has a number of specifications that can be downloaded from their website. One of these specifications is called the T-Engine Device Driver Interface Library Specification and provides the specification and explanation of concepts that can be used for creating device drivers.

Specifically, it introduces the concept of Simple Device Driver Interface (SDI) and General Device Driver Interface (GDI). These can be used to provide a generic interface for creating device drivers. The specification refers to source code files that are not available from the specifications page.

In case you are looking for the source files for the device driver interface library, don’t worry! I got in touch with the T-Engine Forum Secretariat and asked them about the source code. The necessary files are included as part of the Source Code of Sample Driver for T-Kernel/SE and can be accessed from the downloads page of the T-Engine Forum website.