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Getting Started with T-Engine Programming

So, you want to get started with programming the T-Engine and are wondering where to find some online resources that could help you? If that is the case, then this page will offer you a good starting point. There are a few places to look.

You should definitely keep an eye on the Technical Section of the TRONWeb site. TRONWeb has access to numerous Japanese documents related to the T-Engine and Steven Searle (the webmaster of TRONWeb) has decided to help the T-Engine project by translating as much as he can into English. I’d expect more material becoming available from TRONWeb in the coming months. At this time, there are four technical articles (related to T-Engine) available there. One introduces the basics, one deals with programming the T-Engine under Linux, one is a technical FAQ and the last one is about debugging with GDB.

TEADEC, Singapore, has a number of resources that will definitely help you. These include sample programs that demonstrate the working of various RTOS features in the T-Kernel. They have a few tutorials for the API, driver development and subsystems development. Finally, there is also a guide to T-Engine Programming under Windows. Note, however, that free registration is required to access some of these materials. Sample code is available under “Downloads” and Technical Articles and How-To Guides are available under “Documentation”.

If you got your T-Engine Development Kit from PMC, then there are examples and guides on the CD that came with the kit. Specifications and implementation notes are also available on the CD.

There is a tutorial for MicroScript programming in the “Educational Section” of TRONweb. You can use MicroScript for programming the GUI under T-Shell. (T-Shell is a product from PMC that provides a GUI, TCP/IP stack, network card drivers, etc. for the basic T-Engine kit)

WideStudio is a Visual IDE for the rapid development of GUI applications for a number of environments, including Linux, Windows and the T-Engine. The earlier versions of support for the T-Engine required T-Shell, but newer versions also work directly with the framebuffer. The site has a detailed page about using WideStudio with the T-Engine. Also, programming guides are available from the WideStudio home page.

TE@Onghu – this site itself! In association with the Centre for High Performance Embedded Systems in NTU, Singapore, I am working on getting introductory material that will help you get started. We already have articles for setting up the kit under Linux, building and running a sample program and booting from USB. More reference material will also be available soon. It’s a pity that I myself am busy with writing up general, introductory articles right now. But, hopefully, in the next few weeks, I shall be able to get more technical material written. Also, there will be a forum for developers so that you can ask others for help. All in due course :)